Our new carbonized enamel pendant lamp


We have the mission to be the catalizer between industry and design, by creating authentic quality products, and promoting the local economy. Inspired by our cultural heritage and commited with the development of mexican craftsmanship.



Inspired in Buna Shimeji mushrooms due to their presence in different mexican ecosystems. The way BUNA lamp lights up resembles the way mushrooms spread their spores in the environment.



A coffee table with an elegant smoked glass cover joined by a black anodized aluminum rod to a solid, matte finish, Orizaba marble body. The droplet shaped table has two different sizes, that together create beautiful sets of two or more pieces.


CTR-02 Black Edition

It is characterized by its purity and the balance between shape and materials heighten with a black coating and brass decorative elements. The CTR-02 model belongs to a family of lamps that according to the function; change the way they stand.


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