The studio

We are a mexican design studio, with a strong focus on lighting and furniture products, all as result of our design process that considers nature and culture as main input.

We believe we have the mission to be the catalizer between industry and design, by creating authentic quality products, and promoting the local economy. Inspired by our cultural heritage and compromised with the develpment of mexican craftsmanship.

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Alejandro Campos


Graduated with a Bachelor of Industrial Design (BID) from the Tec de Monterrey. He is General Director and founding member at Bandido Studio.

His experience includes an internship in transportation design at TRICON Design AG, Germany, where he developed design projects, focusing his efforts in meeting real needs from his clients, materialized as innovative and aesthetic solutions.

His interest in Mexican industry’s potential to create high quality products took him to found Bandido Studio in 2016 with the vision to create a base to boost local industry synthesizing cultural elements into modern objects for the daily use.


Joel Rojas


Being a curious, detail oriented and a creative thinker is what ignited Joel to graduate with a Bachelor of Industrial Design (BID) from the Tec de Monterrey. He is the Creative Director and founding member of Bandido Studio.

His experience as a designer has developed around furniture, lighting and interiors. Including an international project development for HAWORTH, New Zealand.

His approach has been driven by the fascination and the intrigue on how people build relationships and experiences with objects and spaces.